During our stay at Sanctuary Swala Camp in Tanzania, we visited a beekeeping project which has been developed by Sanctuary Swala, located in the village of Mwika on the border of Tarangire National Park. As well as helping to preserve the natural environment the project provides a valuable source of income to the community.

    Sanctuary Swala provided the village with the materials to make the top bar hives, as well as knowledge and the equipment to keep bees which produce organic acacia honey.

    The honey that is harvested is sold through Sanctuary Swala with all proceeds going back to the project. With the success of the first harvest of honey in August 2010 the project has plans to develop and grow to over 100 hives in the next three years, providing more families with income from a traditional foodstuff.

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Mwika beekeepers with Viv and Steve
See the top bar hives suspended in the trees behind