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Honey, candles and other products from our hives in  Oxfordshire and Berkshire

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Beekeeping - our hives

We are Oxfordshire beekeepers and are members of the Oxfordshire Beekeepers' Association. We work with our bees to produce honey, beeswax candles and blocks and beeswax polish.


As beekeepers, we are eternally grateful to our friends who allow us to keep our beehives on their property. We have some fantastic and diverse hive locations in Oxfordshire and Berkshire: our sites are in large gardens and orchards, by wild flower meadows, on the edge of woodland, in nature reserves, by the River Thames and in the heart of productive farmland.


Learn more about keeping bees, collecting honey,and why beekeeping is important. Let us know if you would like to book a talk about honey bees and beekeeping.

Hives in December – the wire netting protection is to prevent woodpeckers from attacking the hives

Traditional WBC beehives

WBC hives

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