The Incredible World of the Honeybee - Bee talks

In this wide ranging talk on "The Incredible World of the Honeybee" Steve Moll will explore many of the honey bee’s attributes which has earned it the ‘superorganism’ accolade.


Looking through the eyes of a beekeeper, hear about the honey bee’s sophisticated communication mechanisms, how the bee colony survives winter, and why they swarm.


Many fascinating facts about this incredible insect will be uncovered - did you know that bees gather nectar from two million flowers to produce a jar of honey!


On a more sombre note we will look at some of the pest and disease challenges facing honey bee colonies throughout the world.


The talk is of interest to a wide range of organisations including environment groups, gardening associations and nature societies. Steve is a recommended WI speaker for Oxfordshire.

Regrettably, the talk is not available by video meeting, as the presentation contains many complex slides and embedded videos, which can cause technical difficulties.


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Steve Moll presenting a talk about

"The Incredible World of the Honey Bee