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Welcome to Viv and Steve Moll’s Brightwell Bees. We are artisan beekeepers based at Brightwell cum Sotwell, near the market town of Wallingford. Our beehives are located in the surrounding South Oxfordshire and West Berkshire villages.

We have a range of products, from the local Berkshire and Oxfordshire honey produced in our hives, to the practical pure beeswax blocks that can be used to fill scratches in wood floors or even lubricate wet suit zips.

Explore this site and learn some incredible information about the life of the honey bee.


Oxfordshire honey and Berkshire honey from our local hives. We have soft set spring honey and clear summer honey.

The importance of the honeybee in crop pollination and securing our supply of fruit and vegetables


Comb honey seasonal
Sold out until July 2024


Beeswax Blocks
Sold out u
ntil June 2024


Beeswax: Sold out
ntil June 2024

Honey bees provide a number of materials that are useful in our everyday lives. At Brightwell Bees, we not only gather honey, but also make use of the surplus beeswax from the hive. All our honey is local, and comes from our own hives in Oxfordshire and West Berkshire.

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