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Pure beeswax blocks 

Beeswax is a natural wax produced in the bee hive of honeybees. Our beeswax blocks are handmade with pure beeswax from our local hives.


Beeswax blocks have a wide variety of uses around the home. They can be used to cover scratches on wood floors, as well as to lubricate window sashes, curtain rails and drawer runners.

In sports beeswax blocks are used in archery, sailing and fishing.

Beeswax is widely used for many crafts including sewing, jewellery making and batik.

And a popular use is for lubrication of large zips - on sleeping bags, awnings and wet suits.


Find out more about the uses of beeswax blocks.


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Beeswax Blocks
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ntil June 2024


Our beeswax blocks are made from honeycomb cappings, cut from the frame just before the honey is spun from the comb

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