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Beeswax wood and furniture polish

Beeswax is a natural wax produced in the bee hive of honey bees. Learn about how bees produce wax.


Our traditional, natural handmade beeswax furniture polishes are ideal for use on virtually any type of wood. Beeswax polish feeds and protects natural wood surfaces such as pine, oak, beech and mahogany. You can also use our beeswax polish on finished wooden surfaces to enhance the shine.


How to use the polish

Ensure the wood is clean before application, then apply the polish sparingly, leave for 3-4 minutes and buff with a soft cloth along the grain to bring out the shine.


Pure beeswax wood and furniture polish

We make our traditional pure beeswax polish with the finest ingredients – our own filtered beeswax together with pure turpentine, a natural product distilled from pine trees.

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Pure beeswax furniture polish


An acacia bowl, hand turned by a craftsman in our village and polished with our beeswax polish

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