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Set or runny honey?

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What is the difference between set and runny honey?

We are asked this question a lot ! 

All honey made by our honeybees starts off as clear or 'runny' honey. Some honey types, set rather quickly, and are best enjoyed as a natural set honey. Our spring honey is available as a soft set honey which is perfect for spreading on bread, toast or croissants as it is pretty much a dripless honey. This mild flavoured honey is a great favourite with children - our grandchildren love it!

Our summer honey is a clear honey, this is ideal for adding to yoghurt or porridge as well as being delicious on fresh crusty bread.


All English honey will set over time – but it can easily be returned to its 'runny' state again.

Simply loosen the top and stand the jar in hot water until the honey becomes liquid again.


Remove the top and place in a microwave oven on the lowest power for a short period of time. Remember that the honey in the centre of the jar will continue to liquify after the heater timer has finished.


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