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Uses of beeswax blocks

In the home

  • Filling scratches in wooden flooring

  • Drawer runners - to make them open and shut smoothly

  • Windows - lubricates sashes

  • Curtain rails - to make them glide

  • Filling worm holes in furniture


Crafts and hobbies

  • Sewing thread – to strengthen and waterproof

  • Cosmetics: lip balms, hand creams and moisturisers

  • Fabric batik

  • Model and jewellery making

  • Basket weaving

  • Saw blades and woodworking tools - prevents rust and eases use

  • Musical mouthpieces



  • Sailing: lubricating sail tracks etc – and beeswax substitutes for temporary cavity filler should you lose a tooth filling at sea!

  • Lubricating zips: wet suits, dry suits, sleeping bags, caravan awnings...

  • Waxing fly fishing lines - for greater floatability

  • Archery: lubricates bow strings

  • Surf boarding

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