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Honey and other products from our hives

Honey bees provide a number of materials that are useful in our everyday lives. At Brightwell Bees, we not only gather honey, but also make use of the surplus beeswax. All our honey is local, and comes from our own hives in Oxfordshire and West Berkshire. We harvest spring honey from the honeycomb in May, and harvest again during late July for summer honey. We have both clear "runny" honey and delicious soft set honey,

If you want to find out more about the differences (or not) between runny and set honey read more here.

Our beeswax comes from the wax cell cappings which is produced when we uncap honey frames before honey extraction. Beeswax has a multitude of uses, and whilst it is frequently used to make fine candles, it is also widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and wood furniture polish.

Find out more about our products below or via the links

Our products


We have set honey and clear (runny) honey throughout the year,and comb honey in late summer.


Beeswax blocks (approx 30g have a multitude of uses.


Beeswax polish to give your wooden furniture an extra sheen.


Raw strained beeswax available by the kilo

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